A 180 day long wedding

In August  2016 Chris and I got engaged under the stars in the South Downs Dark Park. After enjoying the initial buzz of being engaged, sharing the news with family and friends we set about planning a wedding.

Following our vision for something relaxed outdoors and fun we booked a rustic village hall with a tree lined playing field and a BBQ for the food, and printed our invitations.


But whichever way I calculated the spreadsheet I knew in my heart I didn’t want to spend £10k on one day. Chris was supportive, so one evening in December we cancelled the lot.

Instead we are now saving the money to quit our jobs and travel the world hand in hand; replacing one day of memories with 5 or 6 month’s worth and taking the time out of what is now the chaos of 21st century life to really get to know each other and ourselves.

And along the way somewhere we will do the most important bit – an intimate, heartfelt ceremony in front of a beautiful secluded waterfall to pledge the rest of our lives to each other.



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